Sports SIG April PD: Nutrition Activities to Engage Athletes

Join Sports Dietitian Lea Stening and the Dietitians NZ Sports Special Interest Group as we discuss practical sports nutrition activities to engage your athletes.


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Lea Stening is a registered dietitian and nutritionist with more than forty years’ experience specialising in sports nutrition and paediatrics. She has worked in all areas of school sporting codes and nationally at high performance and academy levels: eight years with New Zealand Cricket, five years with New Zealand Rowing, and twelve years with New Zealand Paralympian sports. Highlights for Lea was 2004 when the NZ Wheelblack’s won gold at the Olympic games in Athens and being awarded a Prime Ministers Scholarship in 2006 to travel with the team to Vancouver for the Canada cup.

Lea has been a member of NZ Sport Medicine and Sports Dietitians Australia for 27 years and is SDA accredited.

Lea is passionate about helping developing athletes and their families improve their physical and mental performance through better nutrition. Her mission: to help families to build a supportive environment in which children can thrive, grow to be confident, fit and strong and carry a love for exercise and sport well into their adult life.

Lea is the author of Nutrition Manual for Developing Rowers, 2005 and Healthy Kids, Happy Lives, 2017. In her new book, How to Grow an Athlete: From Playground to Podium, she focuses on children and sports nutrition but the basic themes that encourage healthy eating can be applied to the whole family.

Lea says "Knowing about Sports Nutrition and health related issues is essential to the work of Sports Dietitian and Nutritionist but we’ll miss the mark entirely if we are unable to connect with athletes effectively.

I believe that this is as much about marketing and health promotion as it is about sports nutrition education (which is why amidst a mix of credentials I have a BCom with a double major in marketing and education)."

With developing athletes training harder at a younger age than before and Masters athletes competing into their 90’s+ our client base is potentially limitless so:

· What motivates different age groups to make lifestyle changes?

· What do athletes need to know in order to improve their performance?

· How do athletes learn and prefer to be taught about sports nutrition?

· What are some simple exercises/tools that Sports Dietitians can employ when working with individual or groups of athletes.- A practical perspective.

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18/04/2024 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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