Thinking about studying dietetics?

To train as a dietitian, you firstly need to complete an undergraduate degree majoring in human nutrition. The nature of the degree will differ depending on the university you are enrolled at but in most instances will be a BSc, a BCApSc or equivalent.

It is strongly recommended that you study the equivalent of Year 13 Chemistry, Biology, Statistics and English to Year 12. If you haven’t studied science a lot at school, but still have your heart set on nutrition, don’t worry because there are many tutorials and helpful teaching staff that can help you at University.

When planning your undergraduate degree please be careful to include the papers that are pre-requisites for the Postgraduate Masters in Dietetics. All the required papers can be completed at Massey University or the University of Auckland. It is essential when you enrol that you carefully check the subjects you have chosen to ensure they will lead you on the correct pathway to becoming a dietitian.

Once completing your undergraduate degree, you are then able to apply for a Postgraduate Masters Degree in Dietetics. This can be obtained through Massey University (Albany Campus) and the University of Auckland. The Masters Degree in Dietetics involves amongst other things studying Clinical Nutrition, Community and Public Health Dietetics, Applied Dietetics and Food Service Management. As part of your course you will also gain valuable practical experience working alongside practising dietitians.

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