Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Membership of Dietitians New Zealand Inc

I understand that by joining Dietitians NZ that I agree to the terms and conditions below:

  1. I support the overall mission and objectives of Dietitians NZ.
  2. I have joined under the correct membership category.
  3.  I will pay all fees and subscriptions owing for this financial year to Dietitians NZ.
  4. I agree to receive information from Dietitians NZ (electronically and by post).
  5. I agree to conduct myself in accordance with the professional standards expected by the profession.
  6. I agree to comply with the Rules of Dietitians New Zealand Incorporated.
  7. I agree to comply with the relevant Code of Ethics for my membership category (Dietitians Board Code of Ethics and /or the Royal Society of New Zealand Code of Ethics).
  8.  I agree that with regard to the Dietitians NZ website:
    1. the information contained within the member section of the Dietitians NZ website is for the use of Dietitians NZ Members only. Use by non members is considered a breach of copyright.
    2. I will use professional discretion when applying information contained within the member area.
  9. I agree that with regard to the Membership Directory:
    1. Members’ details are available for my private use and may not be passed to others without the permission of the individual concerned.
    2. The telephone numbers and email addresses in the directory are for individual members of Dietitians NZ to contact other individual members. The contact details in the directory should not be used to contact large groups of dietitians for the purposes of conducting research or to advertise products or services.
    3. The mailing list for Dietitians NZ will not be given directly to any third party in any form.
  10. I will inform Dietitians NZ (admin@dietitians.org.nz) if any of the following applies:
    1. My contact details change. I am aware that the best way to communicate this is by updating my details on-line by clicking the “My Account” button
    2. I wish my details to appear on “Find a Dietitian” accessible by members of the Public
    3. I do not wish my details to appear in the Membership Directory
    4. I do not wish to receive emails from Dietitians NZ
    5. I do not wish to receive dedicated mail outs
    6. My circumstances change during the year and my membership category changes.
    7. I wish to resign from Dietitians NZ
  11. I understand that Dietitians NZ may pass my contact details to the Dietitians Board if asked.