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Facebook Forum

Dietitians NZ has developed this group as a medium to facilitate thoughtful discussion, networking and raise awareness of professional development events for nutrition colleagues. When using this group follow the terms of use below.

This group observes Facebook’s posting guidelines and Terms of Use and is primarily for supporting professional development and providing a safe forum for discussions regarding topical issues with colleagues.

The administrators of the group do not intend to provide an opinion or stance on any content raised. We encourage respectful evidence based postings; however, we reserve the right to remove spam and content or posts that are off-topic, abusive, discriminatory, defamatory, offensive, infringing, false, or harassing.

Any content uploaded by anyone other than the administrator is the responsibility of the submitter, and does not imply endorsement by Dietitians NZ or its affiliates.  All posts shared are confidential and are not to be re-posted, emailed or quoted (including screenshots). Furthermore, please do not:

  • Offer unauthorised medical advice
  • Post confidential or patient information
  • Post on any content which may violate any law or which may be against the public policy or which may infringe privacy rights of any person.
  • Post content that violates the intellectual property rights of any party
  • Post false or defamatory statements about any individual, community, company or organisation or any other entity
  • Use our Facebook group to engage in discussions unrelated to nutrition
  • Use our Facebook group to solicit money, sell products and services, or recruit fans, followers, and group members

Members or members of the public wishing to post any content about job vacancies, fee-incurring events or courses (excluding Dietitians NZ events) and new products or services, should consult with the National Office ( or 04 477 4701).

The administrator reserves the right to exclude any user from this Facebook group should they violate these Terms of Use as stated. The administrator also reserves the right to remove any posts submitted to the forum should they violate these Terms of Use as stated.

Dietitians NZ Facebook Group Forum- Terms of Use final


We contribute to the development of submissions on issues of relevance to our members and to the wider food, nutrition and health sector.

We generally establish a working group to develop each submission. This is often a special interest group or a select working party of members who have expertise in the area. All submissions have input from National Office and are signed by of the Dietitians NZ CEO.

See below for our 2017 submissions.

ACC Dietitians NZ – Consultation on New Practitioners for Registered Health Professionals and Treatment Provider Definitions_Submission_May 2017_FINAL

HWFNZ Dietitians NZ_HWFNZ Investment Approach – Consultation Submission _May 2017_FINAL

PCC Submission_COPNmembership_final_010517

Consensus Statement on Sugary Drinks_FINAL

Position Statements

We release Position Statements on issues that impact the nutritional status, health and wellbeing of the New Zealalnd public. Position Statements are based on the organsation’s stance on a particular issue and are developed with the input of members.

Resource Position Statement Dietitians in Primary Health Care

Eating and Drinking Resources – Health Navigator

What we eat and drink has a big impact on our general health, immune system and risk of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Find out how you can create a balanced diet that gives you all the energy, vitamins and minerals you need to live well and be healthy.

Eating and Activity Guidelines – Ministry of Health

‘Talk with’ Series Newsletters

Dietitian and Nutritionist – what is the difference?

Dietitian – The term dietitian is a protected term. A dietitian is a registered health professional who meets standards required by the NZ Dietitians Board under the Health Practitioners Competency Act (HPCA) 2003, has an undergraduate science degree in human nutrition and a post-graduate diploma in dietetics. To practise in New Zealand, by law a dietitian must be registered with the Dietitians Board and hold a current practising certificate.

Dietitians work in a variety of settings from hospitals, the community, public health, food service, sports, research and food industry.

Nutritionist – The term nutritionist is not a protected term, there is no specific qualification or registration legally required and therefore can be used freely by anyone. This could range from someone with a PHD in a specialty area of nutrition to someone with no formal training.

The Nutrition Society has a programme for registration of nutritionists where a set criteria must be met to achieve registration status.  Nutritionists can be an associate member of Dietitians NZ if they hold a scientific qualification in human nutrition approved by Dietitians NZ or occupy a prominent position in work or research relating to nutrition or dietetics.