Dietitians NZ Member Benefits

All Dietitians NZ membership categories include a range of member benefits, designed to assist you in your work. Valued at over $3500, memberships are available from just $107!

Exclusive access to Education in Nutrition (EIN)

Professional development that is designed for you! With so much happening in the world of nutrition, EIN is a great way to keep in touch with the latest evidence-based practice. As a member of Dietitians NZ, you have exclusive access to over 200 presentation and case studies in the EIN library with 50 new titles being added each year. In addition, members will receive access to further suggested readings and self-assessment questions, and a Listen App. This is a great professional development resource!

Group Prescribing Supervision

Group Prescribing Supervision is available free of charge for members who have a prescribing endorsement and who are not prescribing in their current role, to support and assist you in a safe environment to meet your prescribing supervision requirements as outlined by the Dietitians Board.

Supporting you on your Te Tiriti o Waitangi Journey

Dietitians NZ is committed to becoming a honourable Te Tiriti o Waitangi partner and has outlined in our Statement of Intent,  how we – as an organisation & members intend to honour & ‘live’ Te Tiriti o Waitangi everyday.  We understand that everyone is at a different point in their journey and so to assist you with your cultural development, we have launched Te Tiriti o Waitangi Hub – a dedicated hub on the website that includes lots of resources and information that we hope will help you.

Exclusive access to Electronic Nutrition Care Process and Terminology (e NCPT)

The Nutrition Care Process is a systematic approach to providing high quality nutrition care. It is a framework for you to individualise care, taking into account your patient’s needs and values and using the best evidence available to make decisions. Dietitians NZ members have access to the eNCPT website and the most up to date terminology used in dietetic care as well as reference sheets that provide clear definitions and explanations of all terms including indicators, criteria for evaluation, aetiologies and signs and symptoms.

Ngā Pou Mana Membership

Ngā Pou Mana envision transforming Māori health and wellbeing through courageous Māori leadership. They are the only membership-based, national Tangata Whenua allied health workforce association in Aotearoa. All Dietitians NZ members who whakapapa to the whenua of Aotearoa are able to receive membership to Ngā Pou Mana at no additional cost.

Exclusive access to Evidence Analysis Library (EAL)

The EAL is the go-to resource for nutrition science reviews and summarises the best, most relevant nutritional research on important dietetic practice questions. The research is reviewed and summarised into usable conclusions and recommendations. The EAL uses an objective and transparent methodology to assess food and nutrition-related science and includes over 40 systematic reviews and 18 evidence-based nutrition practice guidelines.

Exclusive access to Practice-based Evidence in Nutrition: PEN

The PEN system is a powerful database delivering evidence-based answers to your practice-based questions. It has helped dietitians around the globe to be at the forefront of the body of evidence. Since 2010, PEN has helped guide the practice of NZ dietitians and given them access to evidence-based tools and resources to support their patients and clients. The beauty of PEN is that new research can be incorporated into knowledge pathways for dietitians and resources for clients sooner than would be possible otherwise. Please note that PEN is not included in memberships for students or keeping in touch members.

Exclusive access to the Dietitians NZ’s Professional Development Hub

With more and more professional development being delivered online, Dietitians NZ has created a professional development hub for members. This includes links to CPD activities from Dietitians NZ Branches, SIGs, Activity & Nutrition Aotearoa (ANA), Dietitian Connection, Telehealth NZ and Te Tiriti Based Futures. Here you will also find a MyCCP webinar and reflection template to assist you with completing your MyCCP.

Advocacy, Representation to and lobbying of government and key stakeholder groups

The Council and management team work on your behalf to influence the actions, policies and decisions of government and NGO’s regarding food & nutrition. We provide a voice for dietitians in Aotearoa NZ and the profession. We also promote the key role of dietitians in helping manage disease and improving the nutritional status and wellbeing of New Zealanders, and campaign to raise awareness of the important of nutrition as a key public health concern.

Access to join Dietitians NZ Branches and SIGs

Branches & SIGs are one of the most highly valued benefits by members. Being part of a Branch or SIG community provides great opportunities for networking and professional development. Many Branch & SIG professional development events are delivered both in-person and virtually and so accessible whenever and wherever is best for you. These sessions are also usually free of charge for all members.

Dietitians NZ Awards

Dietitians NZ is proud to be able to support members each year with awards that acknowledge excellence and encourage life-long learning. These provide an opportunity for members to gain financial support to attend conferences, seminars, workshops and undertake post-graduate study, either in New Zealand or overseas.

Discounted indemnity and liability insurance

Aon offers members access to a broad and competitively priced liability insurance programme specific to your activities as a Dietitian and/or Nutritionist.

Health Now

HealthNow is a health specific Fintech and Healthtech solution that makes healthcare more accessible to end-users through its suite of application-based features, including but not limited to Buy Now, Pay Later and self-insurance through a digital health wallet.

HealthNow currently operating across NZ an Australian entities with the support of some of the largest health brands and associations.

By utilising HealthNow, in addition to making health more accessible, in your clinic, you will be placed on their marketplace to help clients fin you and gain additional value through feedback tools.

All members of Dietitians NZ are provided with an exclusive strategic rate on the merchant transaction fee. Its free to sign up and costs nothing unless the tool is used!

Complimentary copies of our member magazine – Smart Bites

Smart-Bites, formerly News & Views, is the flagship publication of Dietitians NZ. Each issue has a theme, which is carried through in the focus of the content and features articles and columns that cover the latest and most interesting aspects of nutrition.

Fortnightly e-newsletter

Our e-news is our regular communication touch point focusing on Dietitians NZ news, events and general professional related stories and initiatives.

New-Grad Starter Pack

How do you begin your career as a dietitian in NZ? To help get you started, we have created a starter pack that is packed full of information, including –

  • Applying for registration
  • Strengthening your CV
  • Interviewing tips & tricks
  • How to find a supervisor
  • How to complete MyCCP

Clinical Handbook, 12th Edition

Since its first publication in 1988, our handbook has provided valuable information and guidelines to support the work we all do in improving the health and wellness of New Zealander’s. It continues to evolve with the emergence of new guidelines, standards and technologies with this edition including a new section on texture modified diets. This chapter provides links to background reading around the Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) Framework, as well as to information on thickening products and thickened nutritional products available in New Zealand.

Become a Dietitians NZ volunteer

Gain excellent professional development by learning new skills and expertise. Roles include Council members, branch committees, SIG committees and specific project working groups.