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The following blogs are written by New Zealand Dietitians.

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Cramp the emerging science | Tom Shand | January 2018

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Blogs on the Dietitians NZ website must meet the following criteria*:

  • Written by a NZ registered dietitian
  • Is a current, active blog with up-to-date information
  • Written in English, with a primary focus on food, nutrition and health
  • Evidence-based information, scientifically sound advice
  • Educational vs. promotional, not overly focused on selling products or services
  • Includes references or links to any outside material/organisations being referrerd to
  • Includes an “About” section with information about the blog author or authors; identified as a registered dietitian
  • Does not violate the intellectual property rights of others: consistently abides by ethical blogging as well as the Dietitians Board Code of Ethics and Conduct for Dietitians October 2014

*Criteria adapted from the Nutrition Blog Network

Dietitians NZ does not verify the adherence of listed blogs to the criteria above nor does it endorse any products advertised in the blog website.