Dietitians NZ National Meeting webinars

Key sessions from the Dietitians NZ 2014 and 2015 National Meetings have been filmed and edited into a series of webinars, now available for purchase. Blurbs on each session can be found further down the page or by clicking on the video links below.

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Dietitians NZ 2015 National Interdisciplinary Professional Development Meeting Webinars.


2014 Webinars

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On innovation in Healthcare – Dr Des Gorman

Dr Des Gorman, current chair of Health Workforce New Zealand, speaks about New Zealand’s current health system, the barriers to innovation, the issues to be faced by the health system in the future, and what the government and we as health professionals need to do about this.

1.00.27 running time


Understanding where Allied Health fits in the new health workforce – Dr Graeme Benny

Dr Graeme Benny, current CEO of Health Workforce New Zealand, talks about the Allied Health workforce, particularly dietitians. He covers the issues faced by the allied health workforce and where and how dietitians need to move and train to increase jobs and succeed in the future.   

1.02.09 running time


Low carbohydrate, high fat diet: Both sides of the story – Dr Caryn Zinn and Bill Shrapnel

Dr Caryn Zinn, practicing dietitian, senior lecturer and researcher at AUT University, advocates the use of the low carbohydrate high fat diet. Caryn presents the evidence behind her advocacy and use of this diet, and the healthy eating guidelines she recommends based on her whole foods approach.

Bill Shrapnel, practicing dietitian and Deputy Chairman of Sydney University Nutrition Research Foundation, presents his take on the evidence behind the question of whether dietitians should recommend a low carbohydrate high fat diet.

The limited time unfortunately meant that Caryn and Bill were unable to engage in a debate.


Motivational Interviewing – Dr Mark Wallace-Bell

Dr Mark Wallace-Bell, lecturer of Health Science at Canterbury University, teaches the importance of motivational interviewing and how it can make a difference in nutrition counselling.

58.58 running time


PEN Workshop – Dr Judy Bauer

Professor Judy Bauer, DAA PEN Translational Research Leader, leads a workshop on PEN. A broad overview is delivered, including: how and why PEN was created; how to sign up; the key features; how PEN can assist your practice and what the latest developments are.

1.08.00 running time


Allied Health Leadership Workshop – Dr Graeme Benny

To follow on from his plenary session discussing the allied health workforce, Dr Graeme Benny delivers a workshop on being a leader within the allied health and dietetic workforces. Why do we need leadership and how do we acquire effective and appropriate leadership.

1.37.22 running time


Providing sound supervision – Kaye Dennison and Teresa Stanbrook

Experienced dietitians Kaye Dennison and Teresa Stanbrook present on why we need to and how to provide sound dietetic supervision.


46.18 running time




Vitamins and Minerals Workshop

The Vitamins and minerals workshop has been made into four webinars. Please follow the links below to purchase access. Active members have discounted rates, please remember to login before purchasing. If you are not a member, please create an account when you go through the checkout.

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