Eligibility criteria

Eligibility Criteria for Dietitians NZ Membership

Dietitians NZ membership has the following classes:

1) Professional 

2) Part-time Professional

3) Associate

4) Student

5) Retired

6) Honorary Life

1) Professional Membership

Any person may be elected to Professional membership of the association who holds a current practising certificate under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance [HPCA] Act (2003) and its amendments.

2) Part time Professional Membership

To be eligible for this category, evidence must be provided from an employer or senior peer that hours worked are 20 hours or less per week. 

3) Associate Membership

Associate membership shall be open to people with the following qualifications and whose application for Associate membership shall be accompanied by a character reference and approved by the Executive Committee. Associate members shall be granted provisional membership for an initial 3 month period. 

a) A member who has been eligible for Active Membership but who no longer holds a practising certificate.

b) A member of an overseas Association having similar objectives to those of this association, but who is not permanently resident in New Zealand.

c) Any person who is not a dietitian but who holds a scientific qualification in human nutrition approved by Dietitians NZ Inc, or who occupies a prominent position in work or research relating to nutrition or dietetics.

4) Student Membership

Student membership shall be open to any person undertaking a Masters degree in Dietetics at the University of Otago, Massey University [Albany Campus] or the University of Auckland.

5) Retired Membership

Retired membership is open to any member who has retired permanently from professional employment.

6) Honorary Life Membership

Honorary Life Membership may be conferred by the association on any member who has rendered meritorious service to the association or on any person who, not being eligible for Active membership has contributed to the knowledge of Dietetics and Nutrition or advances the interests of the profession of Dietetics.

Privileges of Members

All members have the right to attend meetings, receive information from the association and conduct themselves in accordance with professional standards accepted by the association. Active, Retired and Honorary Life Members have voting rights and are eligible to accept office at national and branch level. Associate members may hold office at branch level but do not have voting rights at a national level. Members without practising certificates advertising themselves as members of Dietitians NZ Inc must state on any advertising - e.g. business cards - that they are Associate members.